About Us

In Christ, You Are Enough

I’m Enough is a Christian-based Organization that promotes Women’s Empowerment through ministry. From our humble beginnings as a Women’s Ministry group at Vital Church, we are now an expanding organization and a place where women can come with real issues to experience love from a real God.

As part of I’m Enough, you will learn to take control of your life and your spirituality with God. You can find a path to happiness knowing that you are enough and wonderfully made for a purpose.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14

God doesn’t make mistakes. Every woman was created with everything she needs to walk in her purpose, discover her destiny, and be successful in her everyday life. We believe that you never have to be anything more or anything less than what God created you to be…you are ENOUGH!

I’m Enough is an organization helping women discover their identity through their relationship with Christ. Through our work, we transform lives for fulfilment and happiness. We engage through fellowships via meetups, live broadcasts, and our signature events ‘The I’m Enough Experience’.

We awaken the belief that yes, we are enough. We encourage upliftment and growth of women in their spirituality and daily lives. We instil the belief that through Christ, we possess everything we need to be wives, mothers, business women, leaders, preachers, professionals, voices of hope, and so much more.

Women, together, experiencing Christ, revealing identity!

The I’m Enough Experience

The I'm Enough Experience is a one-night event held across the country that challenges women to embrace their God-given identity through Christ.

It is designed to awaken, encourage, and transform lives to the fulfilment of purpose and strengthening our relationship with God.

Together, we will learn that we are not and never were inadequate. Instead, we will embrace the powerful truth that because Jesus lives within us, we are enough.

No Masks

No Superficial Add-Ons

We Are Enough

Helping Women Find & Accept Their Identity In Christ!

About Our Founder

Demetria J. Childs


Demetria J. Childs founded I’m Enough out of a passion for helping women discover their Identity through Christ. As a firm believer in the Power of God to build lives, she knows that guidance can lead women to build successful happy lives through God.

Demetria J. Childs is a Pastor, Author, and Speaker. Pastor Demetria was licensed in 2007 as a minister, ordained in 2010 as an Evangelist, and elevated to the office of Pastor in 2013. Born and raised in Gainesville, Florida, she answered the call to spread the beauty of God to diverse groups and pursued a Bachelors of Arts at the University of Florida in Religious Studies. She pursued further studies for a Master of Theological Studies from the Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, and completed training in pastoral care and spiritual formation at the Asbury Theological Seminary.

She has spent her life dedicated to spreading the word of God and using it to enrich lives. Together with her husband, Bennie P. Childs III, Senior Pastor, they continue to enrich and empower the lives of those at Vital Church. They are proud parents of two sons, Josiah Benjamin and Joshua Bennett Child.

You are Enough! Join the movement and lead an empowered life.

  • “I’m Enough helped me to be more transparent for God to see the total me!”

    -Freda Deas, Leesburg, FL

  • The I’m Enough Conference shifted me in a way that I have never experienced in my life. When the word says behold I will do a new thing... within 48 hours prayers were being supernaturally answered .My life has been forever transformed. Thank you Pastor Demetria your obedience and sacrifice. P.S. I love my I'm Enough T-shirt and copy of Faith Points. WOW!

    -Kandra A., Gainesville, FL.

  • I always felt like I wasn't enough. When I came to the very first I'm Enough Experience, my mind was blown away. I wasn't alone and the ladies were so real about their life experiences. The shared word confirmed to me who I am, and the teaching of the word left me in awe. I left feeling and knowing I am enough. I'm Enough is a movement I'm so excited and proud to be a part of. The love, word, and truth about life and how God will use me just as he created me have changed my life. I'm happy to say I’M ENOUGH because God says I am! God bless you, Pastor Demetria Childs for sharing your vision and heart with the world. I love you!

    -Kesha McCray, Gainesville, FL